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Ten years of hard work and dream of Jains in Tampa Bay Area was fulfilled in November 2008 by inaugurating newly built Shikharbandi Jain Temple  with grand pratishtha celebration.

Exterior view is prominently featured with artistically designed Shikhar (Peak) having good height.

Interior architectural features: Three Main Pratimas of Bhagwan Adinath (Digamber) / Bhagwan Parswanath (Swetamber & Mul Nayak) / Bhagwan Mahavirswami (Swetamber).

Beside this, pratimas of 24 Tithankers (all Swetamber) and Simandhr Swami and Siddha Bhagwan (both Digamber) and Devi – Devtas    are installed surrounding the main sanctum (Gabhara) and each of these pratimas are installed on a separate Vedi (Seat) in a mini-temple.  This Temple area is 2500 Sq.ft.

Entire temple area is constructed in a white marble and as such it looks magnificent with its beauty and tranquility.
Upashraya – Hall consisting kitchen, library, bedroom and rest rooms is of 3000 sq.ft. We are about 300 Members in Tampa Bay Area.

Every Sunday we perform Pooja, Bhaktamar recital, Abhisek and every fifteen days we have Pathshala for young Jains and swadhyay for adults.  During Paryusana and Das Laxan Dharma Parva we invite eminent Scholars to help celebrate the events.

Future Plan: Expansion of Upashraya Hall so as to have more space for Library and other activities.

Temple is in Tampa City in the vicinity of Hindu Temple, Vishnu Temple, India Cultural Center.

2014 Board of Trustees and Executive Committee
 Chairman - Dr. Ashwin Mehta
 Vice-Chairman - Sanjiv Jain (Chairman 2015)
 Secretary - Mehul Shah (2014 2015)
 Advisor - Naresh Jain
BOARD OF TRUSTEES (2014-2015)  
    - Dr. Atul Shah
    - Bharti Shah
    - Mahendra Doshi
    - Dr. Siddharth Shah
    - Honorary Trustees- Devangi Shah &
Vijay Jain
 President - Aruna Mehta
 Vice President - Kini Shah
 Secretary - Paresh Shah
 Treasurer - Pankaj Shah
 Temple Management - Rakesh Kothari & Bhavik Zobalia
 Communication - Kaushal Shah and Kartik Goyani
 Women’s Forum - Rajul Shah, Jigna Shah & Payal Modi
 Youth Members - Kuleen Shah, Shreya Shah, Shinavi Jain
 Social Secretary - Alka Shah & Maheshwari Shah

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